ATAG Wall Hung Boilers

ATAG has been a leading manufacturer of sustainable heating solutions for more than 70 years. The main characteristic of an ATAG Commercial boiler is the use of stainless steel parts, resulting in a very efficient boiler throughout its entire lifespan. 

ATAG boilers

What type of wall hung boilers are there?

There are two types of wall hung: Combi boilers and System boilers. A system boiler only provides heating water, the combi boiler provides both heating and domestic hot water. It is possible for a system boiler to provide domestic hot water with an additional calorifier or plate heat exchanger.

A Combi boiler has a small cylinder or a plate heat exchanger that will heat the water instantaneously to meet the demand. If you want extra comfort for the customer, a System boiler with a storage cylinder is the alternative option.

ATAG has a mixture of Combi and System boilers in our range. So regardless of your situation and comfort needs, there is always an ATAG boiler that meets your requirements.

Combi Boilers

The Combi boiler generates DHW instantaneously. The DHW is heated as it is required. This eliminates inefficiencies associated with heating water when it is not required and heat losses associated with large volumes of stored DHW.

  • Compact dimensions
  • High performance
  • Cost efficient

Our Combi boilers

System Boilers

The System boiler can provide primary heating water to a separate calorifier, or plate heat exchanger. The system boiler can therefore be used to provide semi-instantaneous Domestic Hot Water “DHW”. This is ideally suited to installations with high pick demands.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Wide range of outputs (from 25 kW to 120 kW from a single unit)
  • Multiple boiler cascades installations available

Our System boilers


Why ATAG boilers are the most economical and sustainable!

The stainless steel heat exchanger, the "heart" of the central heating boiler, is a crucial part: here the heat is transferred to the water.

The heat exchanger is the most important and most vulnerable part of a boiler. That is why ATAG has developed a stainless steel exchanger. This material is insensitive to corrosion and wear and ensures maximum heat transfer. That saves not only maintenance but also operating costs; after 15 years, an ATAG boiler is just as economical as when it was purchased.


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QR System

High instantaneous DHW output

Discover the QR-Series
Q Series

QR-Series Combi

High instantaneous DHW output

  • Can serve multiple DHW outlets simultaneously
  • A small DHW buffer is included for quick response
  • Range available in both Combi and System Boiler Options
Discover the QR-Series
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