Q-Series, comfortable & energy efficient

The top boiler in the ATAG range gives a wonderful feeling of comfort and luxury. Thanks to the integrated storage tank, hot water is immediately available at several delivery points at the same time. Without waiting. Shower power; providing a comfortable, powerful shower spray or a quickly filled bath is no problem for the Q boiler.

Of course, the return on heating is also of a high level. The lower the temperature in the climate system, the higher the efficiency! In combination with the ATAG One thermostat, energy label A + is achieved on central heating.

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  • Fast and lots of hot water
  • At multiple delivery points simultaneously
  • No waiting times for hot water thanks to integrated boiler (in combi boiler)
  • Continuously high efficiency throughout the entire service life
  • Low energy consumption
  • Suitable for ATAG One smart thermostat
  • 15 year warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger *
* When installed by an ATAG SelectDealer​

Why ATAG boilers are the most economical and sustainable!

The stainless steel heat exchanger, the "heart" of your central heating boiler, is a crucial part: here the heat is transferred to the water.

The heat exchanger - the warm heart of a central heating boiler - is the most important and most vulnerable part of a central heating boiler. That is why ATAG has developed a stainless steel exchanger. This material is insensitive to corrosion and wear and ensures maximum heat transfer. That saves not only maintenance but also operating costs; after 15 years, an ATAG boiler is just as economical as when it was purchased.

This is how the stainless steel heat exchanger works
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