The role of the thermostat

A thermostat makes the connection with the heating device and thus ensures the correct temperature in the house. With a smart thermostat, your customer can easily control the temperature remotely. Easily and quickly set a weekly schedule to come home to a pleasantly warm home.

The combination of the ATAG boiler, heat pump or a sunlight system and an ATAG thermostat gives the best results because they "understand each other". ATAG has various thermostats and controls in its range. So there is always one that meets your client's wishes.

Why an ATAG thermostat?

The combination of the ATAG central heating boiler and ATAG thermostat ensures the best heating results. With an ATAG thermostat it is possible to accurately heat the home up to half a half degree.

Want to control the temperature remotely? This is possible with a so-called smart thermostat. He always thinks along and looks ahead. Thanks to the so-called switch-on optimization, the ATAG thermostat knows when it should be warm in the home. Entirely according to the wishes of your customer.

  • Set the temperature accurately
  • Remotely adjustable
  • No subscription costs
  • User friendly
  • The new ATAG One Zone is heat pump ready

What is the right combination?

The new ATAG One Zone is available as an addition to our current range of thermostats. The ATAG One Zone is the thermostat's access route to the ATAG Zone. Control heating, hot water and cooling remotely, wherever your customer is. The thermostat is applicable to the ATAG i Zone and ATAG Energion M heat pump.

We have a suitable thermostat for every heat solution. Get well informed about the right combination and contact your ATAG Adviser in your region.

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