Why choose ATAG Commercial?

We are committed to helping and supporting our customers, ensuring they get the most out of our boilers and heating systems. By offering comprehensive technical, maintenance and service support options, ATAG Commercial is always available to respond to the needs of engineers.

ATAG Commercial is part of the Ariston Group and in the UK, we work with Ariston and ELCO Heating Solutions brands to provide the most comprehensive heating, hot water and renewable solutions.

More companies are choosing ATAG as a preferred boiler supplier

Our customers know exactly why ATAG Commercial heating products are the best option. All our boiler models have proved to be highly successful throughout the UK for many years, where they have been utilised in a range of domestic and commercial applications.  A combination of high quality, durability, reliability and ease of installation have ensured our boilers remain leaders in their class.
Monmouth School for Girls
School Refurbishment: XL F boiler

ATAG COMMERCIAL’s new floor standing XL-F boiler  provides essential heating and hot water at Monmouth School for Girls
The 180kW XL-F floor standing unit has been supplied with an integrated plate heat exchanger as a backpack solution and replaces two antiquated boilers.

The project was overseen by Gwent-based heating consultants and engineers Pritchard Services Ltd.

School Refurbishment: QR boilers

A Q38SR and Q51SR boiler from ATAG Commercial have both been installed at Battle Abbey School in East Sussex as part of an upgrade to the existing heating system, which was completed in June 2020.

The heating system refurbishment was overseen by East Sussex-based plumbing and heating specialist PJ Clifford Ltd.

Bristol Grammar School
School Refurbishment: XL boilers

Nine XL140 and four XL70 boilers from ATAG Commercial have been installed at Bristol Grammar School in University Road, Bristol, as part of an extensive heating system refurbishment.
The boilers were fitted by Bristol-based Octagon Heating Services Ltd.

Littlecote House Hotel
Hotel Refurbishment: XL F boilers

Three XL 210F and one XL 180F floor-standing boilers from ATAG Commercial have been supplied and installed at the historic Littlecote House Hotel, Hungerford, replacing four antique units as part of a major plant room renovation. This was the first installation of the XL-F in cascade in the UK.

Norman Lodge
Care Home Refurbishment: XL boilers

Three XL140 boilers from ATAG Commercial have been installed at Norman Lodge, a residential care home in Bradford, as part of a major renovation project – which included refurbishing the heating system.

Botanic Gardens Tropical Ravine
Leisure Refurbishment: XL boilers

Four XL Series boilers from ATAG Commercial have been installed as part of an extensive refurbishment of the Botanic Gardens Tropical Ravine, a listed building located in the heart of Belfast. Three XL140 and one XL70 were fitted in cascade at the unique venue, which is home to many tropical and native plants.



High efficiency of operation results in reduced operating costs.

Environmentally friendly

ATAG is operating with the philosophy of reaching the target of becoming CO2 Neutral by 2050.


The company is always looking at ways to Expand the boundaries and introduce new Technology that incorporates innovative ideas.


ATAG products have won awards from various European markets and the company has played an important role in market development since 1999.


ATAG recognises that staff training is essential in the development of the company and its products. This ultimately Improves the service we offer to our clients.


The company is constantly monitoring market trends and focussing development and resources in the areas that bring The most benefit..

Maintenance friendly

The products are designed and manufactured to provide reliable operation and to facilitate service activities where required.


All ATAG heating products are tested extensively and comply with the highest European safety legislation.

“As an ATAG Commercial installer you have an important field of work. The home of your costumers. Their personal comfort zone. Whether you help them choose a heating solution, install it or maintain it, we work together for the best result.

ATAG Commercial provides extensive support to our customers and service engineers via our Pre-sales Solution Centre and our Technical Service Department.

Service and maintenance is what you do every day. But for customers you mean so much more. As an installer you ensure a pleasant climate in people's homes.

Whether it's advice or maintenance, as an installer you can count on extensive support from ATAG Commercial. So you can advise and sell better, install more easily and perform more efficient maintenance.

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Help with Commission and Service Requirements

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