A brand new floor-standing boiler from ATAG Commercial has been installed at Monmouth School for Girls in Wales.

The 180kW XL-F floor standing unit has been supplied with an integrated plate heat exchanger as a backpack solution and replaces two antiquated boilers. The new unit now provides heating and hot water for both the Allandale offce building and art block at the Haberdasher-owned school. The project was overseen by Gwent-based heating consultants and engineers Pritchard Services Ltd.

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  • School Refurbishment in Wales
  • Boiler with PHE Backpack
  • 1 x ATAG XL 180 F
  • School
  • 2020

Phil Pritchard, Sales & Technical Director at Pritchard Services Ltd

“We’ve been using ATAG Commercial’s boilers on a wide range of applications for over eight years. Their boilers offer a quality construction, are extremely effcient and highly reliable. For this particular job at Monmouth School for Girls, the new XL-F boiler was perfect for the situation, as everything was housed inside a single unit. We’d usually have to install a frame and a cascade, but the XL-F had a simplifed arrangement – from wheels on the unit through to one single flue, as opposed to multiples – not to mention a heat output perfect for the school’s requirements. It literally couldn’t be better!

Having two heat exchangers inside the unit saves us having to put multiple boilers in cascade, plus, having all the wiring housed in the one cabinet helps installation time. In addition, being able to add a plate heat exchanger ensured there were no issues connecting the new boiler to the school’s existing heating system, in
line with the customer’s requirements, while it will also play a valuable role in preventing water contamination."”

The Estate Manager Darren Williams

“We have an excellent relationship with Phil and Pritchard Services Ltd. When they recommended this boiler to replace the existing, older units, we were confdent it would meet all our heating and hot water requirements, while ensuring emissions and fuel bills were kept to a minimum."

Robbie Price, Installation Engineer at Pritchard Services Ltd

“The floor-standing ATAG Commercial boiler was so simple to install…It’s an excellent idea having the unit on castors, as this made it easy to transport off the vehicle, down the ramp and into the plantroom. It was also well-packaged, while the backpack with plate heat exchanger and boiler design aided installation further – it really is a step forward in boiler design when compared to other models on the market.”

XL F boilers

The ideal boiler for refurbishment projects

  • Dual heat exchanger design for built-in redundancy
  • Main components (inc. pump and non-return valves) integrated within the boiler
  • The gross seasonal efficiency for the XL-F range is >96% and the XL180F installed in the school has a gross seasonal efficiency of 96.4%
  • Low NOx and maximum BREEAM credits
XL F boiler range

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