Nine XL140 and four XL70 boilers from ATAG Commercial have been installed at Bristol Grammar School in University Road, Bristol, as part of an extensive heating system refurbishment. Seven of the XL140 boilers are in the school’s main plantroom, while the other two are located in the Sixth Form Block.

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  • School Refurbishment in Bristol
  • Boiler Cascade
  • 9 x ATAG XL 140 and 4 x XL 70
  • School
  • 2014, 2015 & 2017

Julian Hopkins, Managing Director, Octagon Heating Services Ltd

“We have worked with ATAG Commercial on dozens of projects since 2006, so are well aware of the quality and effciency of their boilers. The XL140s were chosen for this particular project due to the combination of their high effciency, reliability, 5-year warranty and prefabricated header system. Plus, all our engineers have been trained to commission, service and repair ATAG boilers, so they were the natural choice for this job.

Octagon Heating Services and our clients are always careful to use equipment that exceeds the requirements for emissions, including NOx. ATAG Commercial boilers boast low NOx values, whereas some of the original units from the school used pressure jet type burners; as a result, energy effciency will improve. In addition, fuel savings are regularly achieved when we replace aged boilers with newer, more effcient models.”

XL boilers

The ideal boiler for refurbishment projects

  • Highest levels of efficiencies
  • Main components (inc. pump and non-return valves) integrated within the boiler
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
  • Low NOx and CO2 emissions
XL boilers

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