Three XL140 boilers from ATAG Commercial have been installed at Norman Lodge, a residential care home in Bradford, as part of a major renovation project – which included refurbishing the heating system.

The project saw the boilers fitted alongside a CHP unit, independent water heaters and calorifiers, replacing the building’s original, 25-year-old heating system.

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  • Care Home Refurbishment in Bradford
  • Boiler Cascade
  • 3x ATAG XL 140
  • Care Home
  • 2019

Terry Nichols, Mechanical Works Officer at Bradford Metropolitan District Council

“We have been using ATAG Commercial’s boilers for over a decade, as part of our rolling technical programme where we replace or upgrade the plant rooms in our properties... The new heating system will ensure care home residents are kept nice and warm, while we know from past experience that using ATAG Commercial boilers can reduce energy bills by up to a third.”

XL boilers

The ideal boiler for refurbishment projects

  • Highest levels of efficiencies
  • Main components (inc. pump and non-return valves) integrated within the boiler
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
  • Low NOx and CO2 emissions
XL boilers

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