If you like comfort, then you also choose ATAG as an installer

Service and maintenance is what you do every day. But for customers you mean so much more. As an installer you ensure a pleasant climate in people's homes. ATAG relieves and supports installers because you are the comfort expert for your customer on whom he can always count. Opting for ATAG is a conscious choice. You a satisfied customer, we a satisfied customer.


If you like comfort, then you also choose ATAG as an installer. This is filled in by the 8 from ATAG.


High efficiency of operation results in reduced operating costs.

Environmentally friendly

ATAG is operating with the philosophy of reaching the target of becoming CO2 Neutral by 2050.


The company is always looking at ways to Expand the boundaries and introduce new Technology that incorporates innovative ideas.


ATAG products have won awards from various European markets and the company has played an important role in market development since 1999.


ATAG recognises that staff training is essential in the development of the company and its products. This ultimately Improves the service we offer to our clients.


The company is constantly monitoring market trends and focussing development and resources in the areas that bring The most benefit..

Maintenance friendly

The products are designed and manufactured to provide reliable operation and to facilitate service activities where required.


All ATAG heating products are tested extensively and comply with the highest European safety legislation.